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Carolyn Mazloomi

"The spiritual and physical warmth of quilts has always excited me. Quilts are metaphors for love and family, for covering and protecting, for warmth and security. The visual and metaphorical links between textiles and human beings are fertile ground for narrative quilts as statement, and I see myself as a storyteller. Images in my work are not planned but evolve extemporaneously. My quilts are visual stories which deal with subject matter I find interesting and touch my spirit. The works are usually derived from my passionate interest in the status of women, social and political events, or the jazz and blues music that's always been a part of my life.

The quilts influenced by the status of women are layered with historical, political and social conditions which call attention to the circumstances of women around the world. Since the beginning of humanity, women have been worshipped, adored, cherished and admired. They also have been defamed, condemned, abused, maligned, raped and killed. The voices of women are vital to humanity and making quilts with feminist themes is one way to be heard. My intention is to invite the viewer into contemplation and raise awareness concerning issues the may not be familiar with.

Music has always been an important element of my life as well. The words of a song, the emotion in a singer's voice, or the rhythm of music can inspire a new quilt. My jazz and blues themed quilts are my equivalent to making music; I never know the final result. Much like the jazz instrumentalist who improvises his music with such radically eloquent rhythms, the quilts have vibes all their own. My aim is to get the viewer to see, hear and feel jazz and the blues. "

~Carolyn L. Mazloomi


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